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my thoughts on the palm south university series by kandi steiner

I think this series has the most unique setup for a book series that I have ever seen––especially for new adult romance, since those books can sometimes be carbon copies of each other, let's be honest. Basically this series of books is kind of like a show––where each book is a season, and it follows seven characters, who are all members of Greek Life; Erin, Cassie, Skyler, Bear, Jess, Adam, and Ashlei.

I’ve literally never read a series of books like this, which is exactly why I wanted to talk about it so badly––that and the fact that I have kind of mixed feelings on it.

The books take place at Palm South University, and basically cover college-life––from sex, to relationships, to friendships and breakups. It feels like you’re watching a show.

I actually read the first four books in the series (I believe there are six or seven books?), before I took a break. At this point, I’m not 100% sure if I will pick the books up in the future, when all of them are released, or not.

The first two books were great––I was having such a good time reading them, and I basically flew through them. I loved being in the perspectives of the whole cast, and each person had a storyline that I was super invested in. Though the characters were pretty shallow and surface-level, I didn’t really care that much, to be honest.

By the time I got to the third book, things started to go downhill. I guess many of the storylines started to feel dragged out and repetitive. For example, there are two characters––Adam and Cassie––who have had this will-they-won’t-they thing going on since the first book. And by book three, it is still not resolved! It was getting frustrating to read about.

The fourth book is told in duality with another spinoff book that Kandi Steiner did on one of the characters, which I think was a mistake. I didn’t read the spinoff book, but I really didn’t care about Skyler’s character much anyways. Her story was hugely present in the fourth book––so much so, that I started to get very irritated––that I felt it kind of overshadowed everyone else. I think that the reason that I put the series down after this book, is because I just didn’t like where it was going. The storyline’s felt repetitive, character’s were getting very annoying, and it seemed like there was an excessive amount of smut, instead of substance. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll pick the series up again in the future, but I’m not sure.

Also, the way Kandi Steiner characterized POC in this book was weird. Bo, one of the sorority girls is Asian, and she is constantly described as being exotic? This was just so odd and unnecessary.

It’s sad because I really did enjoy the first two books in the series, and the premise was so unique, but things very quickly went downhill, and I don’t know if I will pick this series up again. We’ll see.


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