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is kindle unlimited worth it?

For my sixteenth birthday my parents gifted me with a Kindle, and a Kindle Unlimited subscription––it was probably the best birthday gift I have ever received, and I’m indescribably grateful for them. I only had a very slight idea of what Kindle Unlimited was when I started using it, so I figured I would explain it a little bit, and give my honest opinion of whether or not it is worth it.

The best way I can describe Kindle Unlimited, is basically as a library subscription for indie published books. Your local, public, library really is only going to have traditionally published books on their catalog––KU, on the other hand, has a huge catalog of indie published books that you can borrow. I believe that you can borrow about fifteen books at a time; unlike your library, there is no wait time, or deadline by which you have to return the book. You can keep it for as long as you want; the only caveat is that you can only check out fifteen books at a time.

The subscription costs about $10 a month––which is by no means cheap––but you can get it for free for three months, when you purchase a Kindle, which is how I got it. I have also heard that there are some deals on KU that come around occasionally, so maybe keep an eye out for those.

Now, on to whether or not I think it’s worth it. I’m going to be honest, I really do think it depends on the type of reader you are. If you read more than four books a month, I think that it is worth considering. Each Kindle books costs about four to five dollars, so Kindle Unlimited would definitely save you some money. However, if you only read two books a month, I would say to hold off on purchasing KU––I don’t really think that you’d be saving any money at all. That being said, the one thing that I love about Kindle Unlimited is that you are not bound to a book––if you read the first ten pages and hate it, you can return it and check out a different book; when you buy a book and end up hating it, you often just have to finish it, because you bought it; with KU you don’t have to do that. I am super picky about books, and DNF books often, so I really appreciate this.

Kindle Unlimited is definitely an investment––and it is something to really consider before purchasing. If you read a lot of indie published books, then it is 100% worth considering, however if you don’t, I don’t think that I would recommend it.

I personally love KU, because I read a lot of books in a month, but I know there are a lot of people who don’t, and in that case, the subscription would not be worth it at all.

I really do think that it depends on the type of reader that you are.


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