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is getting a kindle worth it?

So, every year for my birthday, my parents, together, get me one gift; I’m not really a big gift–or birthday––person, but still, who doesn’t love receiving a gift? On my fifteenth birthday, I asked for Spotify premium––which is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. (I think a part of them regrets giving me that, since now there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not listening to music) and for my sixteenth birthday, they got me a Kindle Paperwhite––which came with three free months of Kindle Unlimited––and oh my goodness, I think that it might have topped Spotify premium. My parents are incredible, and they clearly know me so well, since there is not a week that goes by where I don’t use my Kindle.

I know that a lot of people ask if getting a Kindle is worth the money––it does take a while to get used to, since it is very different from reading on your phone, but I am obsessed, and thought that I’d do a full review.

So, I have the Kindle Paperwhite––it is probably the most common Kindle, and usually what most people buy, costing about $140 (with ads). The cheaper, regular Kindle is priced at $90, and then there is the more expensive Kindle Oasis, priced at about $250.

When you buy your Kindle, you have the option to get it with ads, which make the overall cost a little bit cheaper (about $30). I know that can be a turn-off for a lot of people, but I got my Kindle with ads, and it really doesn’t bother me one bit. The ads don’t show up when you’re actually reading, so it is not even a huge deal.

When the Kindle is turned off, the screen will flip between different books––these are the ads. This can get annoying at times, especially when the books all feature shirtless men on the covers, but I really don’t care.

Now let’s talk about the actual reading experience. Reading on a Kindle is very different from reading on your phone––for one, there is absolutely no glare. If you have been reading on your phone for a while now, you might have already gotten used to this, but once you start reading on a Kindle, you will almost immediately notice a difference.

Secondly, it is much less taxing on the eyes; being on a phone too long in general is horrible for your eyes, and I almost immediately noticed how using a Kindle was way less straining for my eyes. I know that some people don’t really have this problem, but I do, and a Kindle really helped me with that.

Lastly, I know this might be kind of a silly reason, but reading on a Kindle has really provided me with an overall more productive reading experience. As much as I do love reading, I also easily get distracted, especially when I am on my phone. Often times, I opt to scroll through social media, rather than actually read––I love the Kindle so much because it limits the amount of distractions I have, making reading time way more productive.

All in all, I really do think a Kindle is a worthy investment, but at the same time, I simultaneously understand the reservations people have, especially since it is not a high-tech device, and does cost a lot of money. It is something you should really think about, before purchasing, but I thought that regardless, I’d give you my reasons as to why I love my Kindle. I might do a post on Kindle Unlimited sometime in the future too, since I love KU as well.


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