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i read the twisted fox series so that you don't have to

If I’m being honest, I have no clue why I picked this series up, since I did not like the original series, Blue Beech, very much, and this is its spinoff series. Big surprise, I didn’t like this one much better. I know. Who would have thought? Charity Ferrell is clearly an author who is not for me, but anyways, let’s get into all of the books that I read.


Okay, so the first book in this series is Stirred, and it follows Jamie, an ER doctor, and Cohen, her sister’s baby daddy. Jamie’s sister abandons Cohen with Noah, their son, forcing Cohen to single parent Noah all on his own. Cohen is determined to stay away from Jamie, but as he spends more and more time with her, his walls quickly start to fall.

I thought that this book was just okay? I don’t know. I honestly can’t remember too much of it, which should say more than enough in and of itself. I thought that the pacing of this book was really odd––it was slow in the beginning and then rushed at the end––and I was so bored when I was reading. I wasn’t able to connect with either of the characters that much. Honestly, would not recommend.

Rating ➳ 3/5 stars


Shaken is the second book in the series, and oh my goodness I hated this book. It follows Georgia, Cohen’s little sister, and Archer, his best friend. There is supposed to be some sort of forbidden aspect to this book but the stakes felt really low?

Archer as a character was so hot and cold? He’d reject Georgia, then say sweet things to her, and then go back to being a dick. It was very irritating.

And Georgia, oh god. I hate being mean to heroines, because I feel like so often heroines are completely trashed by readers, whilst heroes can get away with anything, but my girl was a complete doormat. I just wished she grew a backbone.

I do not recommend.

Rating ➳ 2/5 stars

Straight Up

The third book in this series is called Straight Up, and it follows Lincoln and Cassidy…and I actually ended up DNF’ing this book. Once again, it felt like there was absolutely no stakes in this book!

Cassidy has just recently gotten arrested and she’s supposed to be trying to stay away from “bad boys”––and Lincoln has just been released from prison after serving time for money laundering I think?

This is supposed to be the high stakes aspect of the romance, but when Cassidy finds out he is a criminal, she just gets over it in one page. The whole book felt pointless, so I didn’t bother continuing.

Rating ➳ 2/5 stars


The fourth book in this series was not much better. It follows Grace and Finn––Grace has accidentally gotten knocked up, and she doesn’t want to tell her family who the real baby daddy is, so she forces Finn to pretend to be her baby daddy? What? Is Finn supposed to play father for the child’s entire life?

Not only did the plot make no sense, but this book felt exactly like the last one! Grace and Finn felt like Lincoln and Cassidy 2.0.

Also…I don’t know if I’m noticing this because I’ve literally read so many Charity Ferrell books back to back, but the smut is literally the exact same. I’m not kidding. The first hookup starts with the hero going down on the heroine, and then the heroine repays the favor. The heroine initiates full-blown intercourse, but the hero rejects her, because he “doesn’t want their first time to be like this” and he “wants it to be special.” I’m not kidding, I’ve read this scene like seven times. It was so jarring.

Rating ➳ 2/5 stars

Last Round

Last Round is the fifth and final book in the series, and it is told very strangely. Because we are hinted at Silas and Lola’s relationship since like the first book, it is sort of told in tandem with the first four books. Which means I’m basically reading the first four books again, but from a different perspective. This was so annoying.

Anyways, this book follows Silas and Lola––Silas is anti-relationships, and doesn’t want to lose Lola by getting into a relationship, and Lola wants to be more. This sound familiar? Well it should, because it was the exact same plot of the last three books! The hero loves the heroine, but doesn’t want to lose her, so he keeps his distance, but the heroine wants a relationship blah blah blah.

I think I lost braincells reading this book. The story basically ends after Silas has a mental breakdown. He needed therapy more than a relationship, I think.

I would not recommend.

Rating ➳ 3/5 stars

I probably will never read another Charity Ferrell book again––if I do, something really is wrong with me. If by some miracle you are actually interested in this series, I’d tell you to skip it and check out Blue Beech instead, because I didn’t enjoy any of the books in the series (not that I enjoyed much from Blue Beech). But I supposed it’s up to you.

Stirred 3/5 stars

Shaken 2/5 stars

Straight Up 2/5 stars

Chaser 2/5 stars

Last Round 3/5 stars


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