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i read the love hypothesis (i know, i need to stop reading tiktok recommended books)

I feel like every month a new book on TikTok is getting a huge amount of hype, and this month, it was none other than The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood. I wasn’t expecting to like this book, since I usually hate all books recommended on TikTok, but this one actually was not that bad? It does have a little bit of a professor-student dynamic, but Adam does not actually teach Olive, so it’s not weird, and the overall romance is pretty tame.

Anyways, The Love Hypothesis, follows Adam and Olive––Olive’s best friend has feelings for a guy Olive used to date, and in an effort to try and convince Ahn, her best friend, that she is over Jeremy, she tells Ahn she has a boyfriend, and that she is going on a date with him. She doesn't actually go on a date, heading to the lab instead––only to find Ahn at the lab as well (yikes). In order to keep the ruse going, Olive panics and kisses the first guy she sees (obviously): Adam Carlsen, a young hotshot professor–and a well-known ass. Lucky for her, Adam agrees to fake-date her to keep the ruse going, and to keep Ahn’s love life in tact. But as Olive spends more and more time with Adam, she quickly realizes that there is more to him than what meets the eyes, and she may be feeling something dangerously close to love.

This book definitely had a little bit more of a slower pace than a lot of books that I have recently read, which I appreciated––I just love when there is a good amount of tension and angst being built up, and there was plenty of that here. Olive and Adam were also just adorable, and I was 100% rooting for them to get together.

This book was riddled with tropes––at times it felt a little bit Wattpad-y, in the best way possible––so if you are into that, you will love this book.

I also just loved reading about a woman in STEM, and the academic setting off this book was so authentic and realistic, that you could just tell the author was writing from experience. I appreciated how the struggles of being a woman in such a male-dominated environment was touched upon; it was accurate and wholly necessary to read about. I will say that Olive as a heroine wasn’t anything special––at times she did fall into the quirky heroine trap, but I really didn’t mind, and loved her all the same for it.

Another thing to note is that there was a lot of miscommunication/lack of communication––I personally don’t mind miscommunication in books, but I know that so many people do, so if you are reading this, just be aware of that. Still, this book was adorable, and I really do recommend.

Rating ➳ 4/5 stars

(tw: sexual harassment, cancer, death of a parent)


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