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i read the hating game by sally thorne

I feel like this book is all people talk about these days? Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t really think that I am––in every “my favorite romances ever” video that I have seen, The Hating Game appears every single time. So, last week I ran to Barnes and Noble, picked up a paperback copy, and decided to start reading.

The Hating Game follows Josh and Lucy who are coworkers, complete opposites, and also hate each other. Lucy is sweet and bubbly––and loved by everyone at the office. Josh, on the other hand, is grumpy and intimidating. Trapped in a shared office together, Lucy and Josh have turned to a never-ending set of games; there is the Staring Game, The Mirror Game, and the HR Game––point is, Lucy can never let Josh win. So, when a new promotion is up for taking, Lucy knows that this is her final chance at beating Josh. But as she spends more and more time with the man that she claims to hate, she very quickly realizes that the line between love and hate is very thin, and that she might have gotten Joshua Templeman all wrong.

I thought that this book was actually pretty cute! It was definitely a little bit more of a slow-burn, which I loved, and the payoff was so worth it. The buildup was done excellently and the sexual tension was immaculate. I have a love-hate relationship with books that I read based on a recommendation off of TikTok, so I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

That being said there were a few things that irritated me, the first one being Lucy. She took quirky girl to a whole other level––I mean smurfs? Constantly mentioning how short she was? Girl get a grip. She wasn’t my favorite heroine, if I’m being honest.

Josh also got on my nerves at certain points, and I hate how he withheld information from Lucy towards the end of the book, because he thought “it was better that she didn’t know.” What?

Lastly, I wasn’t a fan of the whole nice guy shaming thing that was going on? I get that it’s a given in these types of books, but it felt a little bit overdone to me. I don’t know, it’s just my opinion.

I think that all in all, I’d give this book about four stars. I definitely had a good time reading this, but it’s probably not going to go on my all time favorites list; I would also be aware that it is very slow-paced, so if you are not into that, you probably will not like this book.

Rating ➳ 4/5 stars

(tw: I don’t really think there are any?)


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