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i read made in manhattan by lauren layne and oh my goodness

I came to know about this book back in January, a week or two before it’s release date, and I had put it on my TBR with the full intent of picking it up around the time that it came out…which I never actually came around to doing (big surprise there). I think that I forgot about the book when it was released, and I didn’t actually remember that I wanted to read it until recently, and oh my goodness.

The story follows Violet and Cain (also side note, but what kind of name is Cain?)––Violet is a socialite, who is tasked by her family friend to teach said friend’s newly-discovered grandson how to fit in with New York’s elite. Her goal is to get Cain ready to take his place as heir to his family company––the only issue is Cain is insufferable, and him and Violet butt heads on more than one occasion. However, the more time she spends with Cain, the quicker she realizes that there may be more to him than what meets the eye.

This was so cute! I practically flew through this book––it was such a light and easy read. The story itself was told in third person limited, which was a little bit strange at first––but I’ve now realized that it is pretty normal for Lauren Layne. I do wish we were able to get into Cain’s head a little bit, since we only saw things from Violet’s point of view, but I still enjoyed this.

I thought the ending was a little bit abrupt and I do think there could have been another chapter of two, before the actual epilogue. Besides those two things, I thought that this book was excellent. The chemistry between Violet and Cain was great, and there was a really good amount of tension and angst, leading to their first hookup. I thought that Violet and Cain worked so well as a couple, and it was so great to see them get together.

I had never read a Lauren Layne book before, and this did not disappoint. I would highly recommend.

Rating ➳ 5/5 stars

(tw: death of a parent)


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